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There are two different kinds of pollutants floating around your surroundings at home. These are particular matter that consists of pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, smoke, animal dander, particles that comes from combustion appliances like stoves and very tiny organisms like bacteria, dust mites, molds and viruses. Another pollutant is gaseous elements like tobacco smoke, gas produce from cooking stoves, cars and odors from pints, cleaning products, varnishes, pesticides and home furnishings.
Still, the air in your home is filled with these pollutants and in order to clean the air, you need to move the air. These particles are very lightweight and they can stay suspended into the air for hours. Latest air purifier uses technology that can eliminate all of these harmful pollutants with the help of HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. This technology was first developed by Atomic Energy Commission in the year 1940. This was used in order to stop the spread of radioactive airborne contaminants.
It was in 1950 when this filter was first commercialized and became a trademark. The very first HEPA filter was very bulky and very hard to operate and it is only available in a hospital setting. It became popular for home use in 1970 and that is the time when more homeowners start to purchase air purifier for their home. HEPA is made out of small glass fibers that are tightly woven. This is the reason why it can capture all kinds of pollutants even as small as .3 microns. Once these small particles are captured using the HEPA filter, it will not be able to flow back into the air circulation. This filter has the ability to capture 99.97% particles into the air and this is the most effective filter in the market today.  

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The main benefit to dryer vent cleaning is fire prevention.Our specialists will clean out your dryer duct system in order to provide you with the best dryer duct cleaning services.

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There are lots of negative talks about the harmful effects of indoor pollutants to health. It is important for homeowners to know if they already need an air purifier in their own home. There are ways on how you can find out if you badly need an air purifier. It will be more effective if you will ask us to treat the HVAC and do the necessary cleaning to make sure that the air that you will breathe will be clean enough. We have been in the industry for quite a while now. We have been providing services more than air duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning and restoration. We can take care of the dryer vent, duct cleaning and exhaust. We can add additional home filter for your home more than that of the HVAC to make sure that the air will be fresher and cleaner too.
This is not about the appearance of your home like the color and decoration of your interior, but it is about the condition of your home furniture. If your home furniture need constant dusting and you see hair flowing around, then it means that your home is already affected by these tiny particles that can cause allergies and respiratory illness. Without the use of air purifier, then it means that it is your lungs that filtered all of these pollutants. People need to breathe every second to live and that is also the number of times that you inhale all of these pollutants. Cleaning your air using air purifier will save your lungs and your overall health.